Mill Pool

Mill Pool is a canal style pool designed as a match fishing venue and was completed in late 2012.

The pool has a central island with 20 pegs accessed by a bridge. The pool is a constant width with a shallow shelf on both the near and far bank and a deeper section in the middle. The pool has been stocked with 3 tons of F1 carp.

There is an affordable open match on Thursdays and an open match on Sundays. At other times it is bookable for club matches. Contact Neil to make your booking. 

Construction of the pool

The start of construction of Mill Pool in late June 2012.


The exceptionally wet summer made progress slower than expected


This clearly shows the shelves and the deeper middle section


The pool is now taking shape and shows the central island


The bridge is now in place and the main landscaping complete.


A trial match took place on Sunday, 25th November 2012 but the weather again did its worse.