Fishery Rules

  1. Fishery feed pellets only [site purchased].
  3. Groundbait in feeders and pole cups only.
  4. No floating baits or surface fishing of any kind.
  5. No candles.
  6. No keepnets.
  7. Barbless hooks only.
  8. Minimum of 10 inch from float to hook.
  9. No braid.
  10. Only one rod to be used at any time.
  11. All nets must be dipped upon arrival and before leaving.
  12. No handling the fish with dry or wet towels.
  13. All litter must be taken home with you.
  14. No dogs, pushchairs or bikes.
  15. No night fishing.
  16. Persons under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an appropriate adult.
  17. Please have respect for fellow anglers.

Extra Rules for Matches Only

  1. All nets to be laid out on the bank until start of matches.
  2. Minimum of 2 keepnets to be used: one for silverfish and one for carp only.
  3. Maximum of 60lb in any one net.